During summer 2017, I interned at KVH, an internet of things and telecommunications copy for the shipping and naval industry. I developed and deployed a predictor neural network for customers that delivered personalized results per ship. I created a public-facing functions to access data, along with a GUI and a terminal. Built into all these was a statistical anomaly detector I made for data hygiene. Since many ship devices output information in the NMEA standard, I wrote a parser that read NMEA over UDP multicast, converted it to JSON, and used FTP to send it to a server.
Current Projects
A science fantasy RPG I've been working on with strong emphasis on story telling, strategic combat, and multiple perspectives. It's in pre-alpha, with the movement system finished, the battle system nearing completion, and level designs for several chapters ready.
I am building a search AI that uses gamification to encourage use and incentivize users to develop an emotional connection with the product. Its focus is pulling information from different search services and saving and categorizing that information. It also has a voice command mode.
I am building an HTML5 puzzle video game. It utilizes a minimalist aesthetic, a strong focus on story, and a combinatoric mechanic.
Completed Projects
Lumen is a point and click puzzle game that focuses on creating and destroying paths for the character to walk on in an ancient temple. Magical lamps that are connected to paths can make them appear or disappear. I worked as a designer at BRGD to shape the levels and mechanics of this game.
This classifier is mainly built for Yugioh, and takes in training data of games played out turn by turn and hands played out over the course of one turn. Its input is a deck list, and it outputs a distribution of the strength of plays possible with the deck. It's a tool for deck building to optimize the consistency of a deck's strategy.
This is an algorithm for a robot to find its way to the center of a maze with multiple paths to the center. It is an algorithm that combines Tremaux's algorithm for traversal with no prior knowledge of a maze and A* to find the shortest path.
Ski Trooper is a game maker PC game built during a collaborative game jam at Brown Game Developers. I was on the design time where we worked out the control scheme and how to control the viewpoint of the character while skiing downhill.
SAO VR is a virtual reality application that serves as a minigame and a story. It is my first foray into navigating a VR UI. In the game, you are asked to find a missing child and return her to her parents, and you look for her by literally looking around. The characters are from a popular TV series about virtual reality.
RGB is a simple puzzle game for mobile. You get a 3 x 3 grid of colored squares and you have 60 seconds to create as many white or blacks squares as possible. Swiping a block towards the center combines colors. Any block with red, green, and blue mixed in becomes white. Swiping outward subtracts colors and any square with all colors subtracted becomes black. A simple minute mechanic for hours of fun.