Experienced: 5 years of experience making projects and apps in Java. Comfortable with classes, syntax, inheritance, interfaces, some user-input, and tasks in general.
Experienced: 3 years of experience with scripting and projects in Python. Comfortable with classes, syntax, machine-learning, some user-input, and tasks in general.
Experienced: 2 years of web programming using HTML and CSS. Can handle most tasks for making web pages, including some responsive design.
Experienced: 1.5 years of interactive web programming experience with Javascript. Comfortable with JS syntax, REST, and JQuery. Basic experience using Node for the backend.
Proficient: 1.5 years of experience programming in Matlab projects. Comfortable with basic structure and syntax along with matrix operations.
Familiar: Experience doing system projects in C during courses.
Familiar: Experience writing x86-64 assembly instructions (including hexcode) for systems courses.
Proficient: ~1 year of experience writing Scala code for projects in courses.
Proficient: ~1 year of experience writing Racket for course projects.
Proficient: ~1 year of experience writing Ocaml for course projects.
Familiar with the principles of UI design including focus, learnability, and speed. Some A/B testing experience with statistical analysis and hypothesis testing. Hands on design experience with tools like InVision.
2.5 years of experience with photo manipulations (filters, insertions, clean-up, etc) and basic graphic design experience. Solid fundamentals in sketching, including digital.
1.5 years of experience developing pixel sprites for video games. Can generally draw objects and humans for the overworld.
Proficient in conversational Korean. Spoken skills are the strongest.
Proficient in conversation-level Spanish. Writing and reading skills are the strongest.